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Customer Rewards

Refer a Friend (must be a new customer)

- They save $20.00
- You earn 20 Reward Points

Best of all, your friend gets to experience true comfort!


How to Earn

  1. Simply click the "Email a Friend" button on any product page.
  2. Enter your friend's email address(es) and an optional personal message.

Your friend will receive an email from you containing a $20 off discount coupon. If they make a purchase, you'll earn 20 reward points!

The more of your friends that you refer, the more you'll earn!


More Ways to Earn

  • Registration as a Customer = 5 Reward Points
  • Send pictures of your 1803s. When we use them you get = 2 Reward Points

Tips: Phone pictures are great! To ensure clear and high-quality photos make sure you are in a well-lit area and a friend takes the picture. Multiple pictures are encouraged to increase the chance that your submission is accepted.

Don’t worry our bar is not too high :)


Disbursal of Reward Points 

  • Points are redeemable at 100 total points ($100.00)
  • Points are issued once your shipment has been delivered.
  • Points earned for products that are returned become invalid.
  • Points are not issued to customers for orders in which reward points are used as payment currency.
  • Referred friends must purchase and not have already been registered as a customer at our store.
  • Points are issued once friend's order is completed and delivered.
  • Points earned for referrals of orders which are later canceled become invalid.