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Our Story

In the early 1800’s, the words comfort, fashion and shoes did not go together.

Fashionable shoes were for the very wealthy and were stiff, restrictive and non-supportive. Even worse, most people wore hard symmetrical shoes which did not have a right or left! In 1803, the United States completed the Louisiana Purchase, acquiring over 500 million acres from France. Soon after, the Corps of Discovery set out to explore this new territory from the Mississippi to the Pacific, encountering new tribes of Native American’s who taught the explorers how to make their own leather footwear which molded to their feet and provided new found fit and comfort. True comfort was discovered in 1803!

Our goal, over 200 years later, is to use soft natural leathers and modern supportive soles to create handcrafted shoes that provide a seamless blending of comfort and style. Fashion and style always work together . . . add comfort and perfect balance is achieved. We hope you enjoy our “gloves for your feet.”

Three pairs of Treccani Milano  Shoes